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Friday, July 25, 2003

And so, another weekend commences.~~~Wheeee. Y'all have a good weekend and have fun. And if anyone plans on going to see "Seabiscuit" I sure wish they'd tell me what they thought of it. I would really like to see it, entertainment gossip has it up for Best Movie of the Year in the next Oscar competition. Whatever.

Stay safe and, I have just been informed, we are at an elevated alert -- orange, I think. Or is it mauve? No, I'm sure I heard chartreuse. Whatever it is, keep your eyes peeled for suspicious looking terrorist types.

Of course most people sneaking around the aisles of any supermarket with cell phones pasted to their faces, and a UZI in their cart are definitely dangerous. And if one of them is carrying an UZI and has a small child running amok, run like hell. Don't say I didn't warn you.
posted by Lorraine 7:57 PM 

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Thanks, Google~~~well, at least I should thank the person who typed in the words that resurrected a blog I thought was lost forever from my archives. Ain't technology grand? Now that I know I can find lost stuff like that, I may just use Google myself next time a blog archive disappears into the black hole of cyberspace. Cool.

You know, I used to schlepp around three floors of patient units at "my" hospital, harassing and threatening them with a leather whip so they'd tell me what they thought about their care while they were in one of our ICUs. I'd ask questions and record their answers. In between I'd schmooze a little (well, at least with the patients who were conscious or not on a respirator) and in general, just enjoyed myself. It was a very satisfying job.

Well anyway, I can't do the ICU interviews anymore 'cause it's too much walking. But I am overjoyed with a new job, where I can still schmooze with patients (and their families).......I can sit on my butt.......and I get to play with them on a computer!! Ain't that somethin' ? A former patient came up with this idea. There are patients who have long, extended stays in our hospital, and this man said they needed "something to do" to relieve the boredom of their hospital stay. Kevin, the man, *drum roll* is a cancer survival, so he knows of what he speaks when it comes to long days in a hospital.

He managed to browbeat talk hospital administration into donating old PCs, then he started to teach patients how to get on the Internet, browsing and visiting sites, etc., etc. So I told Volunteer Office secretary --- This is just about perfect for me, sign me up.

So that's what I am going to do. I need an orientation from Kevin, then it's playtime. Yay!!
posted by Lorraine 6:20 PM 

Saturday, July 19, 2003

I need to~~~shower and wash my hair, but it can wait. Getting a blog in is far more important. In any case, the cat is sleeping upwind of my PC work area and the windows are open, so it should be OK for a few minutes, anyway. I also have plenty of Febreze to spray all over my cloth swivel chair. Mission Accomplished. (Only in MY case, the phrase means something).

OK then. My poor li'l girlie is without her blog page, for the moment. Or the weekend. Whenever. She did something that wound up as a blank pink page, and of course I have no idea what the heck she is talking about. But mzKitty will prevail, as always, and if not, Dan and Patti will lend a hand.

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned my day at the Al Gore campaign rally? I probably did, but I can't remember it, so bear with me, I'm old and I demand some respect for a failing memory, OK? Anyway, three of us went to this rally during the 2000 campaign. I'm not going to describe the frenzied excitement and how a person can really get caught up in it. It was crowded, of course, it was held on a parklike square downtown. Sharpshooters were watching from several tall buildings surrounding the square.. Bush didn't get sharpshooters at rallies, but then he was not the Vice-president, was he? Hah. We were standing way too close to one of the two gigantic speakers that nearly blew us over with the music and sound. Oy! Damm, it was exciting.

No-one was allowed to carry in purses, tote bags, etc, etc. Since I wasn't driving, all I needed was a coin purse in my pocket and my house key. I pinned the key to my bra. Then, after my buddies got thru the detector, they waited while I was beeped a couple of times.......couldn't figure out what the heck? The FBI guys looked exactly like the stereotypes on TV, black suits/white shirts/black sunglasses. Two stood with the practiced grim expression and hands crossed in front of their crotches (what's that about?) while I started sweating and being beeped. Finally!! I remembered the key in my bra. Two other FBI smurfs watched carefully (too carefully, if you ask me) while I fumbled in my shirt to unpin the key and give it to them. At last!! I passed thru the detector with my life....and my house key.....intact.

An extremely cheery campaign volunteer came by with a box of cold Cokes for the great unwashed public (that would be us and a few thousand others).........Oh boy, that cold soda never tasted SO fine. And that's my big story of the day. Hey You --- Stop yawning already.
posted by Lorraine 10:57 AM